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Medical Appointment

We provide a hassle-free and comfortable healthcare assistant to navigate through the often-complex healthcare system and provide you with a dedicated medical professional to address your specific needs and preferences

  • Free basic tele-consultation to discuss patient’s medical history, current health concerns, insurance coverage and any specific preferences or requirements they may have
  • Careful selection on a network of excellent panel doctors who come highly recommended for their skillsets
  • Scheduling of appointments with medical specialists
  • Arranging diagnostic test or medical procedures
  • Coordinating follow-up care

Free For All


Family members of patients play a vital role in the patient’s recovery process. We will take care of your accommodation needs so you have one less thing to worry about! From short one week stay to one month stay with our renowned Hotel or Serviced Apartment Partners, you can be assured of a pleasant and cozy stay.

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Ground Transportation

Ground Transportation including transfers to and from airports, hotels, and medical facilities.

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Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery

Backed by medically-approved technologies, and an experienced and well-trained medical team. Our partner takes pride in offering a world-class and trusted experience that is customised for its discerning clientele. Lead by fully-accredited Singapore plastic surgeon with over 5,000 surgery experience since 2005. Our surgeon is one of few Singapore surgeons fully trained in both adult and children plastic surgery.

  • Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery
  • Cleft Lip Repair Surgery
  • Hair & Scalp Treatment

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Fitness & Movement

Fitness and movement might just be the solution to your chronic joint aches and pain. It doesn’t have to be intimidating, or huff & puff.

Through this unique combination of breathing, physical training and manual therapy, you will see tremendous improvement in your body movement and imbalances, therefore creating a better Quality of life, a future without physical limitation.

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